Why you need to try out a Juice Cleanse Program in a Houston Juice Bar

A lot of diet and weight loss trends emerge from time to time. Some of them remain fads and get forgotten over time, while some of them mark their presence for the health benefits that they provide. One such trend that has caught the fancy of the health conscious in recent times is the juice cleanse program. Also known as detox or reboot program, it is a diet control regime that relies on cold pressed juices to revive and rejuvenate the body. As a resident of Houston, you would have come across many juice bars and smoothie shops that sell cold pressed juices or promote cleanse programs. If you have wondered what they are and why you need to take up one, here is what you need to know about their benefits.

Juice cleanse programs involve three phases – a pre cleanse, during cleanse, and an after cleanse. In the first stage, you ready the body for the cleanse program by weaning off junk food, caffeine, alcohol etc. You also incorporate more of whole and fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, and smoothies. During-cleanse stage requires you to restrict your food to solely cold pressed juices, and sometimes smoothies and soups. Light solid foods may also be prescribed depending on what your digestive system can accommodate. The post-cleanse period lets you wean back to regular foods slowly and gradually without irritating bowel functions.

Benefits of juice cleanse programs

• Juice cleanse regimes are one of the best ways to flush toxins and other harmful stuff from your body. They also help you relieve yourself from habits like smoking and alcohol consumption that can have an adverse effect on your body.

• Restricting to cold pressed juices, and other light and liquid forms of diet also aids your digestive processes and makes you feel light and healthy. It gives your stomach a break from processing heavy foods, saturated fats, and other junk edibles that make way into your bodies through unhealthy eating habits.

• The program also reduces your appetite for comfort and junk food, making it easier to stick to healthy stuff even once you have completed the cleanse regime. It fosters good eating habits and helps you consume more wholesome meals and foodstuff.

• Cold pressed or masticated juices are an essential component of juice cleanses. These beverages are pulpier in nature than their centrifugally extracted counterparts, and hence contain a lot more nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals that are good for your body. They are also rich in enzymes and fiber that aid digestion.

• Cold pressed juices also retain the natural flavor of the fruit better than centrifugally extracted ones. Unlike the latter, they also do not change color or taste and have a longer shelf life. So in case you are not fond of consuming whole fruits, but do not want to cut down on health benefits, cold pressed juices are extremely beneficial.

• Cleanse programs aren’t just about fruits and vegetables. They also introduce many nutritious ingredients like greens, almond milk, coconut etc. into your diet.

• Detox or reboot regime also improves your clarity and energy levels. Though the initial days may seem tricky, you feel lighter and healthier over time and even once you have completed the program. In all, it keeps you revived and rejuvenated, and improves your overall well-being.

Juice cleanse programs are a great way to bring health back into your lifestyle that is flooded with comfort eating habits, consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and excess caffeine. Houston houses many local juice bars and shops that offer this program over 1 day, 3 day, 5 day, or even longer periods. The next time you step out, be sure to check with one of them and take up a cleanse program of your choice.

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