Why Does your Business Need Email Encryption Services?

Email encryption is a great way to transmit messages securely over the internet making it almost difficult for hackers, cyber criminals to intercept, steal the sensitive data in the emails. When you encrypt the content of your emails, you make it secure as only the recipient with a certain passcode will be able to access the message by entering the password.

Email over the years has become the official and primary tool of communication for many businesses, whether it is to spread messages with in the organization or to facilitate timely communication with external parties such as clients, vendors, customers, etc., email has become indispensable for business of all sizes. No wonder, hackers and cyber criminals target the wealth of information your email contains. Industry experts say, more than 60% of the companies have experience at least one data security breach every two years.

When you send Email messages in plain text without any additional security layers, apart from the default security such as SSL / TSL, it becomes easy for cyber criminals, hackers, even your competitors to intercept the email, steal the data. Data lost in every email costs on an average of US $ 200, according to an estimate, as it not only ruins the brand image, credibility of your business, but also throws up legal challenges and suits against your business.

Ensure Maximum Security of your Business Data with additional Layers of Security

Deciding to encrypt your email will save your business from ruining, it helps build confidence in your customers in your security measures and they do not hesitate to give out their personal or financial information so you can offer those right products, services that they require. You can convince your prospects by following strict security measures such as email encryption.

Securing the connections : You need to install security instruments such as Secured Socket Layer, Transport Security Layer (TSL) to ensure security of data while browsing the web, and checking your emails, etc. Once you have installed these security layers, you can see the URL starts with https and not just http. You can check for advanced security in your email client application settings and make sure that the advanced encryption option is active.

Secure Messages : You will have to transmit messages securely over the internet. You can secure the content of the email so only the recipient of email gets to see your message, to be able to do this, both the sender and the recipient of the email will have to install additional security software. When the sender downloads such software and send emails, you will get a Passcode, which you will have to enter to be able to read the emails you receive.

Encryption for Achieved Emails : Finally, you need to encrypt the saved or archived emails also, so no one can check into your browser, email history and steal your email data.

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