Why Dig Your Lawn When You Have Latest Technique of Trenchless Pipe Repair?

In most of the households, underground sewer pipeline is not a part of regular maintenance. You clean your toilet but never think about cleaning the sewer pipe. The old pipes are prone to erosion and deposited silt may cause clogging over the period of time.

If you have not maintained your sewer pipeline for a long time, you should immediately call an expert trenchless pipe repair company to evaluate the position of your drainage system. The techniques of inspection and detection of sewer damages have changed drastically in the recent times. The research, made in this field, has led to the introduction of the latest equipment to get this job done without any extensive digging.

It is true that people are wary of calling a plumber to dig and excavate the old line to find the problems developed during the course of time. With advent of the latest techniques, the entire work of inspection, detection, repair, and replacement can be done in less than one day. Thanks to the new technique of trenchless pipe repair, it has become much easier and affordable.

What Is Trenchless Technique?

Trenchless repair is the latest technique that allows repair or replacement of underground sewer pipe without any excavation. You don’t have to dig the soil or construction done over the sewer line. This brilliant technique has saved many houses and their beautiful landscaping. A small pit of around two square meters is sufficient to complete this job.

The method of Trenchless pipe repair was introduced a decade ago but people are still not aware of its advantages. It saves your yard from unwanted damage. Also, this repair can be done in relatively lesser time. It is easy and accessible. Moreover, it costs nearly 50% less than the traditional pipe repair. If you are also looking for a trenchless sewer repair, here are two valuable tips to follow :

1. Choose An Expert Plumber :

It takes years to learn and master this technique. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust an amateur plumber claiming to have an expertise in this niche. Rather, you should investigate about the previous projects completed by a company along with its experience in trenchless repair, affiliation from authority, and other relevant details. Ask about any similar work done in your locality and try to take references from company to evaluate its authenticity.

2. Know the Difference between Replacement and Relining :

Two major types of repairs can be done through a trenchless pipe repair technique – relining or replacement. You should know about the ideal solution suited to your system. If there is no crack or damage in the pipeline and clogging is caused due to the deposition, then relining is a better option for you. In this method, a new surface made of epoxy is planted over the inner wall of a pipe. Relining makes your sewer run as smooth as a new replacement.

But, if there are cracks and damages in the pipeline, then it is better to replace the old sewer pipes. Using this technique, the plumber bursts out the old pipe and replaces it with a new one. Innovative concept and advanced machinery allow replacement of a sewer pipe without any digging.

This is all that you should know about trenchless sewer pipe replacement for your house.

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