What to Look for in a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries are among the most devastating and complicated injuries that can happen to an individual. Besides the threat of paralysis, they can also cause a litany of other possible injuries or conditions that can forever change a person’s life. And when someone suffers a spinal cord injury because of the negligent acts or intentional misconduct of another person or corporate entity, then it is paramount that they get the proper legal representation from a spinal cord injury attorney.

A spinal cord injury attorney specializes in cases that involve trauma to the spinal cord, including paralysis, and he or she will fight to ensure people with these types of injuries receive the justice they deserve and the compensation required to move on with their lives. Unlike regular personal injury lawyers, a spinal cord injury attorney requires specific skills. Here are a few of the skills and requirements you should expect from your spinal cord injury attorney.

1. Thorough Medical Knowledge

From a legal standpoint, spinal cord injuries may be the most complicated kinds of injuries outside of brain injuries. The reasons are based on the consequences rather than the injuries themselves. With a spinal cord injury, even the tiniest impact can forever change how a person can walk, move, work, and communicate, and your spinal cord injury attorney needs to understand the medical science behind those injuries.

Always look for a spinal cord injury attorney who understands the complexities of spinal cord injuries. This could mean they have decades of experience in dealing with your specific kind of injury. They may also have a team of medical researchers that can help strengthen your case. No matter the resources they have available, they need the right knowledge to ensure your case demonstrates the full impact of your spinal cord injury to the court.

2. Communication

Communication is key when it comes to the relationship between an attorney and their client. In cases involving spinal cord injuries, this communication is even more important. Always look for a spinal cord injury attorney who listens and makes the effort to ensure the victim is heard and understood. In some spinal cord injury cases, this can prove difficult because communicative abilities may be complicated by the injury, but such a symptom should not mean the victim is left unheard.

When looking for a spinal cord injury attorney, always go and meet them in person. Pay attention to how they talk to you and go with someone who demonstrates a keen ability to listen. If they do not listen, they do not understand your case. And if they do not understand your case, they cannot argue on your behalf to the best of their abilities.

3. State Knowledge

Besides knowledge and communication abilities, another thing to look for is simple location. Since spinal cord injuries are handled differently state-to-state, it is important that your spinal cord injury attorney is in the state in which the case is occurring. Local lawyers understand local laws, which will help them build and argue a better case for your circumstances.

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