What to Know when Hiring Moonwalks, Bounce Houses and Combo Slides in Sugar Land

Almost everyone loves to party. They are all about getting together with friends, relatives, or loves ones, and enjoying the time spent together. Recreational activities add to the fun in parties. While some of these activities cater to kids and young children, some others cater to adults as well. However, some recreational games or means, such as bounce houses can entertain both, young guests as well as older ones. Moon walks (as they are also known), are inflatable structures that are built around a theme, and function like a trampoline, offering ‘bouncy fun’. They are popular because they can be transported and installed with ease. They can also be deflated after use, and stored without much worry. When organizing a party in Sugar Land, you can borrow one or more of these structures from a party rental company in the city.

Selecting a bounce house or moonwalk

If you want to make use of a bounce castle or moonwalk to entertain guests in your party, here are a few things that you could consider before narrowing down on one.

• Type of bounce house – Bouncing castles may be designed as is, or be combined with slides for added recreation. These slides, in turn maybe dry or wet. Bounce houses alone are a great pick if the party is solely for kids, or have many guests in this age group. Combo bounces with slides can be enjoyed by adults in such instances.

• Themes – These inflatable party rentals come in many different themes. If you are hosting a party for little tykes, you could opt for themes such as princess castle, king’s castle, candy world, crayon slides, and so on. If the party is for adults, or if you are hosting a carnival, you could pick bounce slides themed around pirates, tropical forests, water worlds etc.

• Price – The price of such rented inflatable structures is usually quoted for a standard time period that spans a few hours (says 6 hours). Many rental companies offer discounts when you hire theme for an extended period, or for a couple of days (as for a carnival).
• Delivery – Most vendors of bounce houses, slides, and moonwalks, deliver these inflatable structures free of cost if your party venue falls within Sugar Land, or lies around Pearland, and Missouri City. This may however vary from one rental company to another, and you can always check with them before you hire the inflatable structure.

• Installation space – Bouncy structures and moonwalks made of vinyl need a grassy area over which they can be set up. Some designs, however can be set up over sand as well. A certain amount of open space would also be needed around the bounce castle to prevent overcrowding and accidents. You can do this by comparing the size of the bounce castle (available on the vendor’s website, pamphlets, or info booklet) with the dimensions of the space that you propose to install the structure in.

• Set up – Inflatables structures, when brought to the location, would be usually in their deflated form. To set them up, you would a power source that can power the blower that inflates these moonwalks and slides. Wet slides would also need a water source. The equipment necessary to power them are usually supplied by the vendors themselves. However, it is always advisable to check with the vendor to see if the cost for the same is factored in the price that has been quoted to you.

• Safety – Inflatable structures can topple over in the event of rain, high winds etc. They can also get damaged and cause safety trouble when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees. Party rental companies generally reserve the rights to cancel renting the equipment out, in order to ensure safety of the users as well as the structures.

Last, but not the least, when hiring bounce houses for your event in Sugar Land, it is advisable opt for those that have been inspected and certified after every use. This way, you can avoid unexpected accidents or troubles, and stay worry free throughout your party.

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