You can find plenty of SEO companies in the market these days that might make it difficult for you to choose the one offering ethical and affordable search engine optimization services. You need to come up with several questions and hire SEO professionals only once you get satisfactory answers. Here we shall discuss the questions you must ask the SEO companies in Bangalore before you decide to hire them:

1. General Questions to be asked:

For how many years have you been specializing in search engine optimization services?

How many SEO portals and clients have you served so far?

Were your clients satisfied with the services you offered?

What technical expertise do your professionals have?

How is the total ROI calculated?

2. Search Engine Related Questions to be asked:

What is the percentage of clients that you have brought to the number one position on Google?

Do you follow the proclaimed SEO practices and avoid “no-spam” policies?

On what basis do you recommend keywords?

3. Questions Relating to Web Traffic Enhancements:

Do you offer any web traffic promises?

Methods you adopt for improved organic traffic.

How do you monitor and measure web traffic?

4. Questions Relating Content Modification Techniques:

Do you offer content development service on a regular basis?

Who writes the content and how?

How often do you update the website with SEO techniques?

Do you add new pages, or restructure the navigation of the website to enhance its visibility?

What is the keyword density you follow for 100 words?

5. Questions Regarding Optimization Practices:

Do you modify codes of a web page or simply alter the Meta tags?

How many pages in a website do you optimize?

Do you follow the strategy of PPC or pay per click advertising?

6. Questions Relating to Traffic Management and Reporting:

Do you analyze the reason behind high rank and good performance of the competing websites?

Do you offer any reports and how often do you offer them?

How often do you send the performance reports?

Ethical SEO companies in Bangalore or for that matter in any other parts of the world generally remain transparent and are more than happy to interact with their customers from the very beginning and all through the process. If you find lack of transparency or unsatisfactory answers to your queries, it’s probably time to look for some other SEO firms, who shall offer customized, ethical SEO service to suit your business requirements. The questions discussed above are just few among many questions that you must feel free to clarify with the experts. You can get in touch with the professionals online and request for quotes, which will help you get an idea about the services you can expect and if their charges are reasonable.

So, go ahead and hire an ethical SEO firm in Bangalore to increase your website ranking and the conversion rates.

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