Using Cold Therapy to Improve Muscle Injury Recovery

Cold therapy is widely used after a musculoskeletal injury or post-surgical recovery to decrease pain, muscle spasms, edema and swelling. If you have had a shoulder or knee injury, you know the normal advice you’re given; – rest, elevate your leg or shoulder, and apply ice to the injured area. If you have ever used a bag of ice, you know how messy and inconvenient this can be. Staying compliant with that type of cold therapy is really difficult and that’s one reason why bags of messy ice are not ideal for recovering from an injury.

Researchers have found that cold therapy, along with active compression seems to provide a therapeutic effect that speeds connective tissue healing. The external pressure that is applied causes increased arterial blood flow, decreases venous pressure and reduces blood flow to the injured area. This means that active compression and cold therapy appears to encourage the acceleration of the healing process.

When active cold and compression therapy are put together the clinical benefits are amplified. The soft tissue-cold surface contact increases the degree of tissue cooling. This improves pain relief, speeds healing, and minimizes long-term tissue necrosis and scar formation.

What’s even more important to know is that using ice water therapy is an area that’s been studied by researchers in the field of orthopedics, sports medicine and physical therapy. These studies find that when a patient utilizes cold therapy on the affected area, muscle recovery is accelerated. Why is this true? What benefit does cold therapy offer to someone suffering from a sports injury?

The use of cold therapy helps to more rapidly get rid of the edema that surrounds injured soft tissue. Edema reduces the availability of oxygen to the tissue, which decreases the energy needed to push the accumulated fluid out of the cell and restore normal flow. Numerous studies have concluded that normal lymphatic flow is critical for faster healing.

Don’t rely on outdated and ineffective ice water therapy when you have a sports injury. Ask your doctor for the best cold therapy unit on the market.

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