Six Essential Qualities to look for in Recruiting Agencies in NYC

According to a Manpower group survey, 40% of global employers have reported talent shortages. The survey mentions companies across the world struggling to find the right talent. That’s why a large number of companies outsource their recruitment to agencies who maintain talent pools.

However, with so many recruiting agencies in NYC, finding an agency with the right talent pool can be a daunting task. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of six essential qualities to look for when searching for a great recruiting partner.

1. Hires for specific industries

This is simple. If your recruitment is not general, you need to look for recruiters who specialize in serving your industry or sub-sector. Choosing a specialist recruiter means the agency is aware of the different job functions and the associated skill sets. It is more likely the specialist recruiter might have screened candidates (in its talent pool) with requisite skills you are looking for.

2. Have a wider network

A wider network is an essential quality in a recruiter. If you have already searched the local job market and have been unsuccessful in locating the right talent, the recruiter might be able to find the candidates through its wider reach and deeper network.

Top recruiting agencies in NYC maintain databases of passive candidates who are working elsewhere. These passive candidates are not frequent visitors to Internet job boards, but might be contacted by recruiting agencies for better jobs. Thus, the recruiting agency which has their details can reach these candidates with your job offer.

3. Have an in-depth screening process

If the recruitment agency sends you 20 CVs and you are left to judge them, there is little reason to work with such an agency. It is necessary the recruiter has in-depth screening processes that weeds out unsuitable candidates and it only refers you 3-5 candidates for each job position making your work easier.

4. Are registered and licensed

Like every business, recruiting agencies are bound by laws. Some recruiting agencies in NYC are registered with the ASA (American Staffing Association). The ASA is a licensing and regulatory body that promotes legal, ethical, and professional practices in hiring. Avoid working with recruiting agencies that do not have proper licenses to operate recruitment business.

5. Offer a high retention rate

Retention is a major problem for companies. Businesses spend a large amount of funds for training new recruits and many times the new recruits leave the company within 5-6 months of joining which is a setback for the company.

A good recruiting agency will ensure the candidate’s career aspirations perfectly match the job profile. The agency will also ensure the candidate is aware of the work culture of the company and there are no hidden surprises that will lead to the new recruit leaving the job.

6. Offer after-placement service

The job of recruitment agency does not end after on-boarding of new employees. A good recruiter will go the extra mile to check the candidate’s progress over the initial engagement, and work to overcome any roadblocks the company or the employee might face.

The ever-increasing competition between recruiting agencies in NYC has led to many agencies undercutting prices. Don’t make the mistake of selecting any recruiting agency on the basis of price alone. Focus on essential qualities mentioned above and you will be closer to selecting the best recruiter available in town.

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