Putting your Toddler to bed now made easy with Sleep Consultants

Erratic sleeping habits are often a concern with parents of toddlers. Children who are 18 months or older have sleeping patterns that are different from that of infants. The sleeping habits of these babies are also a tad more complicated. Not only do they sleep for longer hours, but also test the boundaries like having more freedom in a kid’s bed, letting go of their last nap, and often developing and dealing with individual fears and concerns such as their fear of the dark. This often affects their sleeping habits, and in turn affects yours, leading to sleepless nights and groggier days for you. If you face this problem, be assured that you aren’t alone. Many thousands of parents around the world face similar problems with their toddlers too. A person who comes to your rescue in such a situation is the toddler sleep consultant.

How a toddler sleep consultant helps

A sleep consultant for a toddler is a trained professional who develops a customized sleep plan or package that helps your little one develops independent sleeping habits. Such a plan generally includes the following:

• An initial assessment of your toddler sleep patterns and habits – this is usually done via an online or over-the-call questionnaire that is designed to collect basic info about your child’s napping and bedtime routine. This is generally done before the sleep consultant visits your toddler in person.

• A fully customized sleep plan – such a plan for your toddler is developed after the consultant has a one-on-one meeting with you and your baby. This could be done at home, in a clinic, or conducted via a telephonic call. This is usually a step-by-step sleep plan on how to establish independent sleep, deal with potty training, sports, and pesky early morning waking.

• First sleep plan review call – established sleep consultants offer phone consultations to review how the schedule is progressing. This is also an opportunity for parents to discuss concerns or queries that they have about their baby, with the consultant. The review session is also meant to deliberate strategies for successful implementation.

• Follow up phone consultations – during the first few weeks or a month post the face to face consultation, sleep consultants engage in quick calls (usually about 15 minutes) to deal with setbacks or to answer general questions that parents have about the plan and its implementation. The number of such follow up calls depends on the duration of the package and the consultant’s terms and conditions.

• Follow up emails – many consultants also offer email support to parents, in order to review how the sleep habits of the baby are progressing. This support is often available for an extended period, generally longer than that of phone consultation.

• Text support – many toddler sleep consultants today offer text support. This ensures that the parents can connect to the consultant within working hours and reasonable support timings, whenever they need quick help.

• Sleep booklets/kits – getting your toddler to sleep well at home is one thing, and putting them to bed during travel, illnesses etc. is a different story altogether. For such situations, sleep booklets and kits designed especially by such consulting practitioners come in handy.

• Parent resource guide – parenting guides and resources are extremely helpful, especially for first time parents. These books and other tools contain reward charts, potty training tools and tricks, details on establishing chores, etc. that can be really useful in training your toddler, beyond just sleep.

If you or your loved one is dealing with a toddler whose napping patterns are sending everyone else’s sleep for a toss, it is best to take the help of a sleep consultant to solve the issue. These professionals offer expert baby sleep help that is tailor made for your child.

Tiny Transitions, a certified sleep consultant, helps newborn babies, infants, toddlers and expectant parents with sleep training. To learn more, visit TinyTransitions/about-me.


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