Protect Your Business with Small Business Insurance

Do you own a small business in Alberta? If so, you know first-hand the amount of work it takes to start, maintain and run your own company. Even the most viable of ideas, or most needed product in an industry, needs the support of top-notch production, expert marketing, IT and distribution – and when you are just starting out, you are providing all of those things!

As your company grows, you have taken on talent to ensure your customers receive your products or services in a timely manner. These days, things are running smoothly, so you get to sit back and relax, right?

Not really.

Small Business Insurance in Alberta is Critical for Your Operations

If you do not have small business insurance in Alberta, you are leaving your company open to risks that could easily cause the collapse of your business. While it’s a given that you have property, liability and/or fleet insurance, you should also have life, health and accident insurance for your staff, and key person and/or business interruption insurance for your company.

Life, Health and Accident Group Benefit Plans

Your company does not need to be big to have a benefit plan. In fact, you could be the sole employee and still benefit from a group rates. For example, a health spending account (HSA) re-routes medical expenses through you company and provides you with a business tax credit. A relatively new product on the market allows you to administer a health plan for your staff that they pay for on their own with a payroll deduction (as opposed to your company sponsoring the plan in its entirety).

Of course, there are the traditional plans too, where your company is the sponsor and pays all or a large portion of the plan. Plans can be designed specifically for your company, taking into account anticipated growth and development.

Business Interruption and Key Person Small Business Insurance in Alberta

Could your company survive if the main shareholder passed away? Could you company carry on if your key salesperson was in a terrible car accident? Could your company keep going if you, the owner, became disabled and was unable to return to work full time? Business interruption small business insurance in Alberta provides funds to keep the business afloat if you suddenly need to hire or train new talent, or if an unforeseen circumstance greatly affects your operations. Key person insurance provides funds to replace the staff member that is instrumental in driving your profits.

Protect Your Hard Work with Small Business Insurance in Alberta

You have worked very hard to launch your company. Now protect it with small business insurance in Alberta. Speak with a broker today to learn about the many products that can be tailored for you and your staff. With so many options at so many different price points, you have nothing to lose, and so much peace of mind to gain.

Reassured For Life is an Alberta life insurance brokerage providing advisor services that fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. To know more, visit ReAssured.Ca/Blog.


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