How to Hire the Best Film Production Company in NYC

Video is the future of content marketing. Many businesses have recognized this trend and have started using videos in their marketing campaigns.

If you plan to create videos to market your business, you can either use an in-house videographer or work with one of the film production companies in NYC. Filmmaking is a professional’s job and outsourcing the task to a filmmaking studio has advantages and can ensure that you produce content that is a professional reflection on your organization.

However, finding the right film production company can be tricky. Asking these questions should help you choose a perfect film production company for your project :

How Long Have You Been in the Business?

If the video production company has been in the business for a longer period, their videos might be more creative and polished than others. If the company is new in filmmaking they might not have the experience of creating different types of videos for a variety of industries.

An established video production company will likely have a range of experiences. A video production company with a dynamic portfolio is advantageous as they will be able to understand your business, leverage their experiences, and work with you to capture your story and meet your business requirements.

Who Would Be an Ideal Client for You?

This is an uncommon question but an important one. It can tell you what they may expect from you and the kind of videos they create.

It is always a good practice to look for film production companies in NYC who have experience of creating videos for your business niche. It will ensure they understand your business requirements and know the type of video content that will help you meet your business goals.

Likewise, ask what other industries the film production companies you speak with have worked for. This will give you a sense as to their experience, and provide insights into the types of organizations that have trusted them with their corporate video production projects.

Which Is the Best Creative Piece You Have Created So Far?

Creative expertise plays an important role in the final product. If the video production company is inclined to work with you to develop your storyboard and flush out the concept then they probably bring the right supporting elements to the table to help you produce creative corporate video content.

Remember, the corporate video producers are creative and experienced professionals and they should know what type of video content is fit for your project. The right film production company should not have a laidback attitude; instead they should be professional, attentive, and understand the demands of working with your business. Look for a film production company who is interested in putting their creativity and experience to your benefit - an organization that is driven to tell your story.

What will be the Estimated Cost?

This is obviously an important factor while selecting a video production company; but keep in mind you’re not only looking for value, but for experienced creative professionals, and a professional solution to help you create video for your organization. Unless you get several quotes, it will be difficult for you to determine the project costs. When hiring a video production company, ask questions about their rate; i.e. Is their production rate flat-rate? Does it include the videos that you have in mind at the start of the project? Do you own the raw footage or do they?

The bottom line (no pun intended) is make sure that the video production company you select is transparent about the services they provide and what the costs will be for your corporate video production.

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