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How Team building and performance management work together

There is an old saying which says, “Teamwork is less me and more we”. But unfortunately, in many organizations employees lack the skills needed to pull it together and “get the work done”. Lack of teamwork can affect the morale of the employees, their productivity which ultimately affects the bottom-line of the company.

Team building consultants in Southampton can help here. They conduct team building events that give employees splendid opportunity to reconnect with their colleagues and their managers in different settings which are more fun filled. These activities allow employees to open up and know their colleagues better that works wonders in co-operation and boosting morale.

Here are few instances which show team building works hand in hand with performance management.

Builds Effective Communication

Team building activities focus on building effective communication. According to research conducted by MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, communication is an important factor in every successful team. Communication is a two-way street and it is necessary every member of the team listens and talks equally.

Team members face each other every day and are required to communicate effectively which hardly comes naturally. Team building activities come into play here. Team building consultants in Southampton plan a series of interactive games which dissolves communication barriers within teams and allows employees to improve work performance.

Build Trust Between Employees

Trust is the foundation of honest and open communication. Reliance on another person’s ability, character, and truth of something are some of the factors that build one person’s confidence in another. However, trust is not easily gained at the workplace. This is where team building comes into play.

Team building activities create situations where employees are pushed out of their comfort zones. These activities create situations for collaborations and cohesiveness which ultimately leads to the building of trust.

Team building active activities break down communication barriers and encourages employees to trust another by putting them in situations where they need to interact, share ideas, solve problems in order to achieve a particular goal.

Build Collaboration

What do you get by combining effective communication and trust? The answer is collaboration. Collaboration is the best way to raise working performance. In the absence of collaboration, you see a decrease in work performance and productivity.

The trick is not to work harder but smarter and team building activities are designed to achieve the same purpose. Presented in a creative and fun way, team building activities make communication clear and effective that fosters collaboration.

Build Happy Workplace

According to research conducted by the American Psychological Association, around 93% of employees who felt valued at their workplace felt motivated to deliver their best. So how can you make employees feel valued and appreciated?

Team building activities make employees feel part of the team. These events create a fun and positive atmosphere where everyone is required to contribute to achieve success in any given task. Employees like the feeling of being trusted to get the task done and feel valued of being considered part of the team.

Company leadership must look beyond offering salary and benefits to employees to enhance work performance. They must look for opportunities to increase employee engagement through team building to raise the performance bar of their employees.

So do you plan to conduct any team building events in Southampton?

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