Guidelines for Creating Rustic TV Console

Do you like to have rustic TV console in your home? Browse through the online stores and choose the best one for your décor. The demand of DIY TV stand is enhancing day by day. Be it for renovation or new addition, you have to carefully select the right one for your home. Get the best one and wow your loved ones to delight. You can also have customized console for fitting any area of your home. However, you can build rustic TV console on your own. Let’s check out the tips for building rustic TV console :

o Measuring the Space – First of all, it is important to measure your space and determine dimensions that would best fit your living role. It is not possible to make anything without the idea and measurements. Hence, you must plot the layout.

o Determining the Base – It is significant to determine the base after space measurement. So, you should start with legs of the stand. Take the legs and connect the front to the back on every side. This will make a U shape with every leg and connecting piece. You must repeat this for the other side of the stand.

o Connecting left & right sides – Get two upside down U shaped base frames for creating the legs. Then you should connect the two U shaped legs on the left and the right side. The length will be determined on the basis of the overall console width. Get started from the top, attach the front of the left side of the legs to the right and repeat the same for the back. This will ultimately help to support the boards of the top.

o Weighing up shelving heights – Shelves provide structural support, giving storage as well as aesthetic appeal. You have to determine the shelve height depending upon your preference.

o Connecting shelves using pocket holes - Once the shelve height is determined; you have to connect shelves using pocket holes. This will help to hide screws and offer a clean look without any exposed hardware. Moreover, you can make use of sophisticated bracket for supporting the weight and preventing drooping of top boards. This will help you to complete the construction of the frame or the base for the piece.

o Laying the shelves – Once the setup of the framework is done, you can lay in the shelves from the bottom. Use your preferred dimensions for the two sides, starting with the front or the back. You can take the help of another person for laying the shelf to hold the board in the right place. Make sure of the fact that the shelf has side support. You can then attach shelf from the front/backs side by using 3 screws for every board.

o Fixing the top – Laying top is a simple task. You have to determine the number of boards you want to have on the top and the amount to be overhung from top to base. You may not have any overhang on backside for allowing a flush look against the walk. Lay down the board with the back and ensure it is flush with back support, attaching few screws from the bottom. Next you should lay in the middle board as well as the front board, measuring corner of overhang to make sure that boards are square onto the base. Fix from top with counter-sink and attach from the bottom. This will complete the construction of your rustic TV console.

o Paint with rustic color – Sand and paint your TV console in rustic color to get the rustic feel in your décor. Sand all edges and corners and make the piece look professional and safe, removing sharp spots. Clean off all the dust from sand, paint the piece, let it dry and move it in.

Follow these simple tips and build a rustic TV console for your living space.

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