The interior of the home is the most important thing for everyone and people love to decorate the interior of their home by painting their walls with beautiful colors, by hanging amazing pictures on the walls, by hanging lights with different colors on the walls and by many other different ways. Pictures on the walls are always attractive and it looks best when light is attached to the pictures. Sometimes, the pictures on the walls cannot be seen properly because of the poor lighting on the wall and it is really disheartening. A clear lighting on the picture can make it look more beautiful than ever.

Picture lights are one of the great décor options for your home. These are designed to add a clear light to the pictures hanging on the wall. These can be mounted easily on the walls, but always avoid any shadows in the picture. Otherwise, it will spoil the look of the picture very badly. These are available in different styles and colors with beautiful pictures in the market. They can also be bought online on a number of websites.

There are different styles and sizes of the picture lights available in the market. The main difference between the styles depends on the position of the light on the picture.

Let's have a look at some of the different types of picture lights available in the market.


This picture light is attached to the wall where it can light the picture clearly and brightly. Mostly these are attached to the top of the picture on which it is to be attached. In order to use this light, there should be a certain distance between the ceiling and the place where the light is to be attached.


Battery operated

These lights are the most famous picture lights, currently available in the market. These lights are operated using a battery and you need to change the battery, whenever it goes down. The life of the battery depends on the quality of it. The battery is easily replaceable and maintainable.

LED lights

LED is the most popular source of light in the picture lights. The main benefit of buying these lights is that they are long lasting and gives a smooth feeling to the eyes as well as they are not so bright like the other lights. These are also among the most popular lights available in the market.


Black light

These are very unique picture lights. These lights add an amazing shadow on the picture making it more beautiful than before. These lights are becoming popular these days and most of the people are buying this light.


These are the most common type of lights available in the market. Traditional bulbs are being used in these lights. Many people love to buy these lights as they are available at quite reasonable prices in the market.


Freestanding lights

These lights are the choice of those who do not possess space on the wall in order to hang this light. It is very similar to a floor lamp. The light is just adjusted on the side of the picture and it looks similar to the one hanging on the wall. You can keep these lights on the side of your bed or in the corner of your living room as well.

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