Four Most Beautiful Minka Lavery Chandeliers

Lighting fixtures are amazing home décor items if you know how to select them and place in a suitable surrounding. Chandeliers especially are the epitome of grandeur when it comes to lighting fixtures, often used as centerpieces in living rooms or placed above large dining tables or kitchen islands. With their intricate designs, delicate use of glass shades and multiple light bulbs that are enclosed by beautifully shaped metallic structures, chandeliers have their own aura that will grab everyone’s attention. They are the perfect choice for lighting fixtures which can also be used as home décor items.

Minka Lavery of the Minka group is known for its unique lighting fixtures that speak of elegance and grandeur. They are experts in coming up with beautiful chandeliers for home décor and in this article, we will see 4 of the most beautiful Minka Lavery chandeliers.

1. Morrow

This beautifully suspended chandelier includes five large filament bulbs enclosed by clear glass shades with bronze finished metal sockets. The simplicity of the glass and the color combination of the metal structures paints a beautiful picture when the chandelier is hung in the center of a living room. All the 5 light bulbs are held together by a circular metallic band, which is in turn held by thin metallic cords clinging to a metallic circular base. The transparent light bulbs with their long and bright filament add a special character to this Minka Lavery chandelier.

2. Paradox

This simple yet elegant chandelier resembles a pendant owing to its simplicity and minimalism. Suspended by a chain made of metallic rings, the chandelier hangs down by spreading itself in the shape of an upside down hibiscus, the thick metal bars imitating the petals of a flower. The metal bars end where the light bulbs are enclosed by light French Scavo glass shades. Like most of the Minka Lavery chandeliers this one too has a metallic finish and is available with a court bronze finish.

3. Middletown

This 5 light Minka Lavery chandelier is vintage themed and has five pointy light bulbs emerging from five metal rods that are bound by a circular metal ball. This inner structure is shielded by an open, airy, five sided metallic structure that is curved at the ends. The entire structure is suspended with the help of a chain made of intervened thin metallic rings. The metal used is downtown bronze and the finish used is gold highlights.

4. Gwendolyn Place

This another vintage themed Minka Lavery chandelier that will grab one’s attention with its simplicity and elegance. It can also be used as a pendant to hang over dining tables or kitchen islands. Gwendolyn Place is a drum chandelier that has three light bulbs completely covered by an oatmeal colored, circular linen shade. The chandelier is further perfected with a dark rubbed sienna and aged silver finish.

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