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Five Tips to Shop Projectors Online

Projectors are great devices to communicate your content to colleagues or customers. They allow you to project the content on large displays that can also be seen from a distance. The projector has been there for a long time and several new technologies have come in.

When you plan to shop for projectors online, you need to ensure it meets your needs by evaluating its features. Here is the list of important features to look for while buying a projector.

Good Optics

Optics refers to set of lenses, mirrors, and filters that project an image onto the screen. If the projector has poor quality optics, it will project dull and blurry images on the screen. For example, bad optics can distort the image by turning straight lines into curves and making sharp edges indistinct and rough. You can check the quality of optics by projecting a grid of lines and see if they look straight and sharp.


When you plan to shop for projectors online, look at lumen specifications; one for colour brightness and one for white brightness. You need to look at the lumen specifications clearly as brands have their own way of presenting measurements. For example, some projector manufacturers mention only one lumen rating. If that is the case, the lumen rating given refers to white brightness and you can expect colour brightness to be around 1/3rd of the lumen stated.

The amount of brightness required depends on the size of the room. For example, to project an eight-foot wide image in a well-darkened room, the projector needs an output of 1000 lumens. However, if the room is slightly darkened, the projector needs an output of 2000 lumens.

For classrooms, conference rooms and rooms with windows, you need a projector with at least 2500 lumens. For larger lecture halls and auditoriums, you need a projector with higher lumens.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio refers to the difference between dark and light on a screen expressed in numbers. To get a rich image, you need a projector with high contrast ratio. Contrast is important, especially where ambient lighting and where the cinematic content has less difference between whites and blacks.

Colour Clarity

When you connect your projector to your computer, you would want to see images exactly as displayed on your computer screen. If your computer shows a green line on a purple background, the projector screen should not show a black line on a green background.

Colour fidelity and colour clarity is necessary to produce a good image. You can evaluate the colour clarity of the projector by looking at different project colours output side-by-side.


Resolution refers to a number of pixels used to display an image. Higher resolution does not always mean a better picture. It also depends on the resolution of the computer monitor. For example, if the monitor screen has a 1024X768 pixel screen and you send that image on projector screen having a resolution of 1400X1050, you will get a lower image quality. The ideal combination is matching the resolution of projector screen and computer monitor.

Focus on the important features mentioned above when you plan to shop for projectors online and you will find a projector that perfectly suits your need and offers good value for money?

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