Five Reasons why Custom-Built Zinc Bar Tops are the Best

A space in your home that needs to be designed in a manner similar to that of the kitchen is your bar. It needs cabinets and racks to store your bottles of whisky, wine, and other alcoholic beverages, as well as the mugs, and glasses that you serve them in. You need a counter as well as a countertop that serves as your preparatory workspace, and also lends spaces for storing some knick-knacks. An island needs to be built and fitted with counters and tops so that you can serve yourself, or whoever comes visiting, the favorite drink they like. Bar tops sure deserve some special attention among all of them. A well-designed and well-built worktop is also a place where you can display your bartending prowess. Custom bar tops are a great choice for home owners who like to have such spaces built as per their needs. Of the different materials that can be used to make a bar top, Zinc is a forerunner that has captured the imagination of homeowner sand interior designers for many reasons. Here are 5 benefits of building custom bar tops with this metal.

# 1 - Beautiful living patina

One of the biggest reasons why people turn to zinc is because it has a breathtaking patina that cannot be achieved with a bar top made out of granite, marble or even stainless steel. Its dull and mottled surface bears an aged and weathered look even when it is brand new. This lends zinc an inherently warm feel that many other metals lack. Zinc is usually pale grey when installed, but turns bluish green with use and time. This natural tarnish can be slowed down or made gradual with a protective coating such as beeswax, when applied on a regular basis.

# 2 - Natural anti-microbial properties

Zinc resists the growth of microorganisms such as mold, mildew, and bacteria on its surface. As a result, work surfaces made from zinc tend to be a preferred choice in a space such as the bar. This property is even more advantageous if you have a large bar that comes with water inlets and outlets, as these places can get dirty and infected over time.

# 3 - Resistant to stains

Porous materials like marble, limestone, and granite have porous surfaces that can form and absorb stains easily. This results in their surfaces being marred permanently very quickly. However, this is not the case with zinc. The metal may react with certain acidic liquids, but does not develop stains in the way porous materials do.

# 4 - Highly malleable

Zinc is a metal that is relatively soft and extremely malleable. As a result, custom bar tops made with zinc can be beaten and molded into any shape that you need. Edge treatments, as well as different profiles can be incorporated into the bar top with ease. Zinc can be left as is, or hammered to add a beautiful visual interest to the bar. Its surface can be etched with beautiful textures that give it a one-of-its-kind allure. Such zinc countertops with surface enhancements lend a rustic and exotic touch to homes with vintage or countryside themes.

# 5 - Easy care and maintenance

Another great advantage of using zinc in bar tops is that it can be cared for and maintained easily. A quick swipe with a soft cloth and a gentle, non-abrasive dish wash liquid is more than sufficient to keep your bar top clean, spic and span.

A little care is all that is needed to keep your custom-built, zinc bar top looking nice and beautiful for a long time.

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