Five Major Advantages Of Partnering With Temp To Hire Staffing Agencies

Today a large number of companies prefer a new type of hiring solution - temp to hire which is also known as temporary to permanent employee, or try before you hire. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a large number of growing companies are increasing and in 2015 around 15.8% workers were engaged in temporary positions. This makes it difficult for companies to find the right talent. Hence the majority of the organizations turns to temp to hire staffing agencies to try out a temp employee before you hire them permanently.

Here are five primary advantages of using a temp to hire recruitment agency.

1. Simplified Hiring

One of the primary reasons to partner with temp to hire staffing agencies is they have the connections, experience, and skills to evaluate candidates. These factors increase the odds that the new temp employee would be a perfect match. Plus, the staffing agency can sort out most stressful details like salary up front with the candidate.

2. Gives Time to Figure out Long-Term Staffing Strategy

Many companies in their initial growth years feel the need to add employees, but get afraid of additional costs. By bringing in temp to hire staff, the management gets enough time to assess real staffing needs and decide a long term staffing strategy.

Your company can bring in temp to hire staff and see if there is enough work in the company to justify the addition of employees. If the increased workload is sporadic or short-lived, you need not add a headcount to your employee roster and bear the burden of excess staff.

3. Hire Quickly

When you partner with a temp to hire staffing agency, you can get new hires on board quickly. This can help you in dealing workloads and ramp up work when clients throw big projects on your way. Since temp to hire employees are facilitated through temp to hire staffing agencies, the hiring process is shortened.

Although the temp to hire employees to work in your organization, the employer of the temp to hire employees is the staffing agency. All hiring aspects such as employment contracts, wages are managed by the staffing agency. Your organization only pays for the additional headcounts without adding the employee to your staff roster.

If you feel the increased workload is consistent, you can offer permanent job to temp to hire employee and don’t need to look for talent elsewhere.

4. Ability to Assess Candidates Thoroughly

Bringing in a temp employee means you get enough time to test the candidates and ensure the candidate is a perfect fit for the job. You can analyze the candidates on different aspects such as

· Does the candidate have the right skills?

· Does the candidate mesh well with the team?

You can get the right answers to such questions which is not possible through interviews. Also, seeing someone functioning in the role helps you draw right conclusions.

5. Reduced Training and Costs

When you partner with temp to hire staffing agency, you get temp workers who are already trained for the job. Since the temp employees are facilitated through the agency, the recruiter shoulders the responsibility of training the hires.

If you are planning to take up new projects, but hesitant about increasing the staff size permanently, partnering with temp to hire staffing agencies is the right step. No matter what the outcomes, you will get a perfect fit or avoid a bad hire.

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