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Five Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring Recruiters in Los Angeles

Hiring top talent stands above everything else for almost every organization. According to the Frontline Source Group report, around 90% of top companies partner with professional recruiters to fulfill their staffing requirements. However, with so many professional recruiters in Los Angeles, searching for the right recruiter is a difficult task.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of 5 essential questions that can take you closer to selecting the right recruiter for the hiring job.

Describe Your Relationship with Your Last Two Hiring Managers

A good recruitment agency should have a strong relationship with the hiring managers.

Was the relationship authoritarian? If that is the case, it means the hiring manager was in charge of the recruitment and the recruiter was only reactive to the demands. If the relationship was that of equals, it means both played an equal role in successful recruitment.

You should look for recruiters in Los Angeles who have a strong philosophy on how to handle the relationship. Avoid recruiters who are happy to be dictated by their clients.

What Is Your Selection Process?

A good recruitment agency will work with your hiring manager to finalize the selection criteria and prepare interview questions. Some agencies give more importance to efficiency and less priority to spending time and money in finding the right candidate.

A good recruiter will not hold himself to information given in the resume, and won’t mind going in length to check specific skills in candidates. For example, creating work samples to test specific skills in candidates is a good idea to avoid bad or average hires.

How Do You Measure the Quality of Hire?

The quality of hire is an important metric for recruiters and their clients. It is subjective and takes into consideration aspects such as employee engagement and cultural fit that are difficult to define in numeric terms.

A good recruitment agency would have some theory or perspective on how they measure it or have tried measuring it. The answer will show their commitment towards taking one of the biggest challenges and their thought process.

How Do You Engage Passive Candidates?

Enticing potential passive candidates is not an easy thing to do. But a good recruiter would have time-tested and proven ways to attract passive talent. Motivation is one of the factors that would make the candidate think about a job change.

Leading professional recruiters understand the career aspirations of the passive candidates and could give the candidate’s ego and confidence, a tremendous boost that would entice him/her to take the new job challenge.

How do you think the recruitment field will change in next five years?

The job market and the recruiting technology are likely to change in the future. Leading professional recruiters are aware of the upcoming changes and prepare themselves to adapt and become more proactive in their work. The agency you choose should be able to understand the rapid changes in the workplace to provide better service to their clients.

The answer to the above questions will give you insights into the thought process and way of working with recruiters in Los Angeles. It will help you hire the right recruiter who follows the right methodologies and is passionate about recruiting.

Vitamin Talent is a creative recruiter operating from Los Angeles, Boston, London, etc., providing companies with the right talent plus help them in managing creative teams and placing job-seeking candidates in the best positions and help. For more information, visit VitaminTalent/What-We-Do.


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