Adding picture lights in your house can enhance its entire look and make the décor more striking. Every house has some or the other art pieces on the walls – be it a painting, a tapestry, a poster or maybe a family photograph. This artwork adds color to the walls and makes them look beautiful. However, sometimes due to poor lighting, these images are not displayed in their full grandeur. This can be very disappointing. So what can you do to avoid such disappointment? Install some picture lights and illuminate any wall display with a beautiful glow.

What are Picture Lights?

Picture Light is a cylindrical bar with multiple little bulbs and placed around a wall display to highlight it. They are perfect for illuminating your art pieces and adding a glamour quotient to your room. These days they are used in almost every living room to draw attention to a particular sculpture, painting or a photograph.

Types of Picture Lights

Picture lights are available in various styles and designs so that they can suit every wall display. The purpose is to illuminate the area without resulting in a glare. Here are some styles that you can choose from:

  • Wall Mounted

These lights are installed on the wall around the painting. This light is more suitable for rooms with high ceilings and offers the flexibility to replace the painting with a new one whenever you want. They are fixed on a base which is firmly attached to the wall and the light falls on the display either from the top, below or sides according to your choice.


  • Ceiling Mounted

As the name suggests, these lights are mounted on the ceiling. They are used when the wall display is either hanging near the ceiling or is huge enough to cover the entire area between the floor and ceiling. However, as in this case the lights are attached to the ceiling, it becomes a little difficult to modify their position or change the lighting scheme.

  • Clamp-on Picture Lights

These lights are not fixed on the wall or the ceiling, but are attached to the edge of the art piece itself. They in fact become one with the art piece and accentuate its look.


  • Freestanding Lights

If you cannot find a place to mount the lights, then a freestanding picture light will suit the best. You can place them anywhere on the floor just like a lamp and adjust the spotlight according to your preference.

Though it may seem that only mansion styled houses mount picture lights on their expensive art pieces, but in reality anyone can install these inexpensive lights on their photos, paintings or display pieces and change the entire look of the room!


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