Email encryption - keeping snoopers at bay

According to a GlobalSign research, over100 million business emails are sent and received every day. Characteristics such as instant communication and convenience have made email the preferred mode of communication for businesses to interact with consumers, suppliers, and partners.

By default email is transmitted across the network and the internet in plain text. With right hacking tools, it is easy for scammers to access sensitive data in email. The only protection businesses have is email encryption. Here are a few reasons why businesses need to encrypt their email communication.

Data Leaks are Real

The simplicity and convenience of email communication have some drawbacks. It is too easy for employees to send sensitive data through emails knowingly and unknowingly which can fall into wrong hands. According to Globalsign report, 53% of employees have received sensitive data through emails while 21% of employees agree of sending data without any encryption.

The cost of such data breaches is huge. The same report mentions 22% of companies acknowledge data loss through email and the average cost of a data breach is around $3.5 million for the company.

Email Privacy Concerns

Email is the least secure method of sending sensitive data. You will be surprised to know that email is not private and confidential as you think. The email that you send is stored at various locations such as your sent folder, receiver’s inbox and also at the ISP’s server. Even if you delete a particular sensitive mail after sending it, you have absolutely no control over who can access your mail after it leaves your mail server.

The Internet is not safe and corporate eavesdropping is on rise. If your email is not encrypted, it is easy for hackers to intercept the mail while in transit and extract sensitive data inside the email. Another possibility is the hacker can access your email server and steal sensitive data inside emails. However, you can combat all these by employing an email encryption solution.

How Does Email Encryption Work?

When you employ email encryption solution, every mail that leaves your company’s mail server is encrypted. The encryption happens on the fly and the sender is not required to follow any procedure to encrypt the mail. That is not all; the mail that resides in your inbox is also encrypted leaving no room for snooping.

Here are some benefits of encrypting your email communication.

Maintain Confidentiality

Email encryption helps in maintaining confidentiality and ensures only the intended recipient can access the sensitive information sent in email.

Message Integrity

The decryption process includes verification of email content. Even if there is a slight change in the email content, the decryption process will fail.

Proof of Delivery

Some people deny receiving of emails. Email encryption solution has a feature where you can know whether the email has reached the recipient’s inbox in its original form.

Cost Efficiency

Companies are not required to purchase any hardware or software to enjoy benefits of encrypted mail. Email encryption solutions are available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) where the responsibility of infrastructure and the integration of service with your email server lie with the vendor. So, how does your company secure email communication?

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